Getting Quality Appliance Repair in Sacramento

I have put in a water heater before. I even replaced a little motor that pumps out exhaust gases in our furnace. I do what we can to save money. I once got our washer working again by replacing a broken gear in the plastic agitator. A few months ago I learned on a video how to fix our dryer belt. However, I had no idea what was wrong with the built-in microwave/convection oven. It was not under warranty so I called a place that does appliance repair in Sacramento to come out and take a look at it.

The tech took off the front panel and pulled the unit out from the wall after making sure the circuit it was connected to was okay. I should have actually checked that myself, but I did not think about it. He took the cover off of the microwave and used a meter to test a few circuits. He figured out the problem in just a few minutes, and then had the part replaced fast. Continue reading →

Starting a Home Based Antique Business

If you’re an entrepreneur, and you enjoy antiquing, turn your favorite hobby into a profitable business. It’s easy to start an antique business. The key is getting your hands on a variety of products, and marketing these antiques to customers.

Develop a passion for antiques. If you don’t have an interest in antiques, don’t open an antique business. Begin antiquing in your pastime and see whether you enjoy the hobby.

Save enough money to buy inventory. You may not be able to get a business loan to start an antique business. Thus, it’s important to have money on-hand to buy items. Use personal savings or purchase items with a credit card.

Research different antiques, as in order to make money with an antique business, you need to sell items that interest buyers. Do your research and determine which antiques sell quickly.

Build an inventory. Whether you run an antique business from home or you open a storefront location, you need products. There are different ways to find antiques. Regularly check the local classified ads. Visit garage sales and look for bargains. Make plans to attend an estate sale.

Learn how to spot fakes. Antique business owners encounter authentic pieces and fake pieces. Talk with other antique business owners and discover different tricks and techniques to help you identify a fake.

Get a booth at a flea market. It’s best to start small and become a vendor at local flea markets. As the business grows you can rent space in a mall, and ultimately open your own location.

Build a website. Make your products available to antique lovers around the world. Create a professional website and list your items for sale.

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